If you are looking for the perfect birth, …then don’t do this program!

Wait. What?

Yes, that’s right. You read that correctly.

I am not here to offer you a “perfect birth” (whatever that means). Every birth is different and unique and to promise you a perfect birth would be pretending to be able to predict the future.

I have personally used these tools when birthing my own three children and these are the same tools that I have shared with many pregnant women over the last 10 years in teaching my prenatal yoga classes.

I can’t tell you that you will have a perfect birth. But what I can tell you is that Birth with Connection offers you a range of tools that you can draw upon during your birth experience to help you have a birth with awareness and connection.

This program can help you:

  • Feel empowered to make informed choices for your pregnancy and labour
  • Cultivate a positive mindset around birth and ways to nurture yourself both mentally and physically
  • Redefine what pain means in labour and how to work with the intensity of birth, not run away from it
  • Recognise your fears and work through ways to shift mindset for a more positive frame of mind when approaching birth
  • Explore the spiritual dimension of birth and how surrendering to birth is a healthy approach to birth
  • Move your body through various yoga sequences to help alleviate aches and pains of pregnancy, strengthen the body and mind as you prepare for your labour of love
  • Establish a positive frame of mind through guided reflections, relaxations and journaling
  • Calm the mind through a range of guided mediations and breathing exercises

This program is all about connection.

Connection to your body, your mind, your breath and of course, your baby!

It is about providing pregnant women with tools they can use to help them make informed choices, feel empowered and delve deep into the sensations of labour with love and surrender.  

But what I can promise you is that this program provides you with a range of proven tools and strategies that can assist you in achieving a more connected pregnancy and birth.

Over the years, the feedback I have received from women is that my prenatal yoga sessions have assisted them in making informed choices during their pregnancy, provided them with various tools to cultivate being present during their birth, techniques to shift mindset around concerns or fears of birth as well as strategies to assist them in working through the intensity of labour.

So what is the program about?

It is all about you.
The birthing woman.

Birth with Connection is exactly that. Techniques and exercises to assist you in experiencing a connected birth.

Here is what people are saying about my prenatal yoga sessions…

You can access the this program anytime, anywhere on any device.

You receive lifetime access, so you can repeat these videos over and over again, as many times as you like.

What do you get inside Birth with Connection?

6 modules and within each module you have 3 components that focus on connection to mind, body and breath in order to give you a holistic approach to birth.

  • Module 1: The Birthing Woman (connect to your own birth, the experience of your mother and what you envisage your own birth experience to be like)
  • Module 2: Redefining Pain (connect to what it means to feel pain and how pain in birth is not an injury but a welcomed sensation to bring your baby closer to you)
  • Module 3: The Place of Fear in Birth (connect to your personal fears and explore ways we can assist the mind and body to have a healthy approach to your worries and concerns.)
  • Module 4: Nurture Yourself (explore the importance of self-care during pregnancy by delving into the various aspects of psychological, emotional, personal, professional and spiritual practices.)
  • Module 5: Tap into your Intuition (explore the importance of what it means to get in touch with your intuition and establish practices that help tap into your inner wisdom)
  • Module 6: Surrender & Find Joy (explore the spiritual realm of birth. What it means to trust in something bigger than yourself, and what it means to find joy in this experience.)

With 6 amazing modules, I still wanted to share more with you…

As well as these 6 focused modules I couldn’t help myself to give you more beautiful experiences as you prepare for birth. So as well as all you have seen already, you will also receive 4 Bonuses inside the program.

  • Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) guided meditation session to aid sleep
  • Pelvic Floor Tutorial (the why and how of pelvic floor exercises)
  • Golden Thread Breath Tutorial (a calming breathing technique to assist in a calm birth)
  • PDF Workbook for weekly reflections

Birth with Connection is…

…available anytime & anywhere…

Hi, I’m Grace

Hi, Iā€™m Grace Joukhadar. I am a Yoga teacher who has spent over 20 years walking the path of yoga. I am committed to helping people discover a true sense of joy, happiness and peace in their lives – both physically and mentally.

I have 3 children and having had 3 births in 3 different cities, in the span of 3.5 years, I can say that all my birth experiences were very different, unique and had their own challenges.

Birth with Connection is for you if you want …

  • A variety of yoga flows specific to pregnant women to relieve the spine, hips, shoulders as well as tools to assist you in cultivating a calm, connected birth.
  • A variety of meditations, visualisations and breathing techniques you can use during pregnancy to assist you in a calm, connected birth.
  • Guided, weekly reflections to help instill positive values around birth, pain and motherhood.

So Grace, how much is this Program?

This program is a 6 week progressive course. Within each module there are 3 focused sessions. That is a total of 18 sessions with me. Then you have the bonuses… another 4 sessions with me. That’s over 20 sessions with me inside this program.

To give you some perspective…one session with me is at least $80/hour. With over 20 sessions in Birth with Connection, this program is valued well over ….

This program offers you 6 modules with 4 bonuses for just $97. Yes, that’s it. Just $97 for this entire program with me and you can repeat the sessions anywhere, anytime on any device with your lifetime access.

A one time payment of $97 is all you need to invest in yourself

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One Payment. Lifetime Access.

Check out what these amazing women are saying…


Here are some Q&As to help answer them..

I am pregnant, can I do this program?

Whilst this program isn’t specifically designed for pregnant women; with a few modifications, all the sequences are suitable for pregnant women. Reach out to me for a chat and I can advise you on what to be mindful of šŸ™‚ Remember, because this is lifetime access, you can use the program post-birth šŸ™‚

Is this program for beginners?

Absolutely. These classes are designed to be accessible and are catered for beginners.

Do I need special yoga props?

Nope. Just a space you can practice yoga… a yoga mat will be useful, but anything else is optional! Some classes will offer suggestions of using a yoga strap or block. But they are optional šŸ™‚

Are there ongoing payments?

Definitely not. This is a once of payment and the program is yours to access whenever you like.

Can I access the classes anywhere in the world?

Sure can. The classes are on an online platform that you can login to anytime, anywhere.

How is the program delivered?

The Program is held on an online Platform in the Members area which you gain access to. It gives you access to the videos for you to follow on your personal device – tablets, laptops, phones.

>> TODAY’S PRICE $97 <<

Sign me up now for just $97
$ = AUD

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