If you are looking for the ‘perfect birth’, …then don’t do this program!

Wait. What? 👇

Yes, that’s right. You read that correctly.

The pressure of the perfect birth is on the rise with women, like yourself, being told that if you do a specific program or follow a specific technique, then you will have the ideal birth.   

Not only does this place unrealistic high expectations on you, the birthing woman, but it also fosters a belief that if you prepare well, you will have the birth you desire.   

In reality, however, regardless of all the preparation you may do, you can’t always control the outcome of the way your labour or birth will unfold.

OK , so what does this mean for you?

It is well documented that preparing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for labour can definitely provide better birth outcomes for women both physically and mentally. Being prepared means you can make informed choices, feel empowered and in control of decisions you make along the way.

But the challenge for women now is to find a balance between being informed and prepared for birth while still understanding that birth may not always go as “planned”.   

I had 3 babies in 3 and a half years…

My first two births were caesarean births and my third was a vaginal birth.  They were all different and unique experiences.   

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I did everything I could to prepare for a vaginal, unmedicated birth.  I read and studied books and blogs, did a HypnoBirthing course, repeated daily affirmations, listened to CalmBirth meditations daily, had weekly massages, I wrote a 2 page birth plan, I practiced birth positions and yoga daily.  I was ready to have the perfect birth.   

But things didn’t go as I had hoped…

My first birth experience was a marathon.  I had 3 days of no sleep and despite my exhaustion and “slow progress”, I was convinced that I would have the unmedicated, vaginal birth that I dreamed of.  My expectations of myself were high and when my long labour resulted in a caesarean birth, I felt disappointed and heartbroken that my birth expectations were not met.     

I was indeed grateful for a healthy baby boy, but I also felt completely broken.

I was disappointed that my dream birth did not come true.   

In my preparations, I learned so much about what I should do to have an ideal birth, but nowhere in all these programs did it tell me how to cope when or if the reality of my experience looked very different to my dreams and what I had “planned”.  In fact, the idea that my ideal birth wouldn’t come true was not even an option.   

After my first birth, I felt defeated and let down.   

When I was pregnant with my second child, I formed a different outlook on birth. 

I no longer bought into the false expectation that if I prepared well, I was guaranteed the outcome of the ‘perfect birth’.  This time around, I shifted my mindset to have a healthy balance of informed choice but an element of acceptance and surrender to the process of birth.  I used various tools and strategies to build on this healthy outlook and although my second birth experience was another caesarean birth, I felt completely empowered, prepared and full of acceptance for the birth experience I had. 

I no longer felt like a failure or that my body had let me down or that I simply didn’t prepare well enough.  I understood birth to be a delicate dance between delving into the known as well as the unknown. 

My third birth was a vaginal birth, despite being told by doctors that I was a failure and I shouldn’t even try.  With the right support and guidance, I decided to give my baby and body the best chance at a vaginal birth but I was unattached to that outcome.  The strategies I used to get that healthy frame of mind about birth involved working with my body, breath and mindful practices.  They completely re-shaped me and they are the very strategies I use today with the pregnant women I work with. 

Let me introduce you to ‘Birth with Connection’.   

A program I developed to keep birth real. To give you tools to help prepare you for labour without the false promises of what the outcome will be.

Birth with Connection is not designed to convince you that you will have a perfect or ideal birth or make false promises.

What it is designed to do is to help you experience a more connected pregnancy and birth.   

I can’t promise you that this program will guarantee you to have the perfect birth you desire. But what I can tell you is that Birth with Connection offers you a range of proven tools and techniques that you can draw upon during your birth experience to help you birth with awareness and connection. 

I have personally used these techniques when birthing my own three children and these are the same tools that I have shared with many pregnant women over the last 10 years in my prenatal yoga sessions.  

For every birth experience I had, these tools were absolutely paramount to getting my body through the long, tiring hours of labour, the intense sensations and they also helped me build a strong, clear mindset on my values around birth that kept me strong in mind and spirit.

So what can you expect in this program?

This program can help you:  

  • Feel empowered to make informed choices for your pregnancy so you can delve deep into the sensations of labour with love and surrender.  
  • Cultivate a positive mindset around birth and ways to nurture yourself both mentally and physically  
  • Redefine what pain means in labour and how to work with (not against) the intensity of birth, not run away from it  
  • Recognise and work through your fears to gain clear values around birth and shift mindset for a positive frame of mind when approaching birth 
  • Explore the spiritual dimension of birth and how surrendering to birth is a key factor in accepting the unknown when approaching birth  
  • Move your body through various yoga sequences to help alleviate aches and pains of pregnancy, strengthen the body and mind as you prepare for your labour  
  • Establish a calm and focused mindset through guided reflections, relaxations and journaling  
  • Calm the nervous system through a range of guided meditations and breathing techniques you can use in pregnancy and labour 
  • Tap into your intuition and learn ways to connect to the inner wisdom you have as a women

This program is all about connection.

Connection to your body, your mind, your breath and of course, your baby!

Here is what people are saying about these sessions…

Hi, I’m Grace

Hi, I’m Grace Joukhadar. I am a Yoga teacher who has spent over 20 years walking the path of yoga. I am committed to helping people discover a true sense of joy, happiness and peace in their lives – both physically and mentally.

I have 3 children and having had 3 births in 3 different cities, in the span of 3.5 years, I can say that all my birth experiences were very different, unique and had their own challenges. I am passionate about women’s health, birth and yoga!

So what do you get inside Birth with Connection?

6 modules and within each module, there are 3 components.

1. Connect to Mind (Guided Reflections for a healthy mindset) 

2. Connect to Body (Yoga flows for a strong body and mind) 

3. Connect to Breath (Guided meditations and breathing exercises to calm the nervous system) 

Here is a breakdown of the Modules:

  • Module 1: The Birthing Woman (connect to your own birth, the experience of your mother and what you envisage your own birth experience to be like)
  • Module 2: Redefining Pain (connect to what it means to feel pain and how pain in birth is not an injury but a welcomed sensation to bring your baby closer to you)
  • Module 3: The Place of Fear in Birth (connect to your personal fears and explore ways we can assist the mind and body to have a healthy approach to your worries and concerns.)
  • Module 4: Nurture Yourself (explore the importance of self-care during pregnancy by delving into the various aspects of psychological, emotional, personal, professional and spiritual practices.)
  • Module 5: Tap into your Intuition (explore the importance of what it means to get in touch with your intuition and establish practices that help tap into your inner wisdom)
  • Module 6: Surrender & Find Joy (explore the spiritual realm of birth. What it means to trust in something bigger than yourself, and what it means to find joy in this experience.)

What you get: 

  • 6 x Guided reflections (valued at $299) 
  • 6 x focused yoga flows (valued at $299) 
  • 6 x guided breathing and meditations (valued at $299) 

Total Value: $897 

You gain lifetime access to this program anytime, anywhere on any device.

And the exciting part is that’s not all I am giving you when you access Birth with Connection.   

I am so passionate about women, birth and yoga, that I couldn’t help but provide extra bonuses for you.

+ These Amazing Bonuses… 

So on top of what you have seen already, you will also receive 4 Bonuses inside the program.  

  • Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) guided relaxation session to aid sleep (Valued at $49) 
  • Pelvic Floor Tutorial (the why and how of pelvic floor exercises) (Valued at $29) 
  • Golden Thread Breath Tutorial (a calming breathing technique to assist in calming the nervous system) (Valued at $29) 
  • PDF Workbook for weekly reflections (Valued at $99) 

These bonuses alone are worth $206

In total, the 6 modules and bonuses come to a total value of $1103.

That’s how much value I am offering you in this program!

Birth with Connection is for you if you want …

  • A variety of yoga flows specific to pregnant women to relieve the spine, hips, shoulders as well as tools to assist you in cultivating a calm, connected birth.
  • A range of meditations, visualisations and breathing techniques you can use during pregnancy to assist you in a calm, connected birth.
  • Guided, weekly reflections to help instill a clear, positive mindset around birth, pain and motherhood.
  • To look deep within yourself and do the internal work that is required not only for birth, but for motherhood.
  • To work through the modules at your own pace. You can take it as slowly and steadily as you like and do the program from the comfort of your own home.

So Grace, how much is this Program?

This program is a 6 week progressive course which you can do at your own pace.

Within each module there are 3 focused sessions. That is a total of 18 sessions with me. Then you have the bonuses… another 4 sessions with me. That’s over 20 sessions with me inside this program.

To give you some perspective…one session with me is at least $80/hour. With over 20 sessions in Birth with Connection, this program is valued well over $1000.

I want this program to be accessible and to help as many women as I can to have a connected birth, so I have ensured that this program is affordable.   

That’s why I am giving it to you today for a one time payment of $97 

With a one time payment and no ongoing fees or payments, this program is yours for life.  You can repeat the yoga flows and meditations as many times as you like.  Once you gain access to the program, it is yours to keep.   

This program offers you 6 modules with 4 bonuses for just $97. Yes, that’s it.

Just $97 for this entire program with me and you can repeat the sessions anywhere, anytime on any device with your lifetime access.


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One Payment. Lifetime Access.

Some more words from amazing women …


Here are some answers to common questions that I receive…

Can I do this program in my first trimester?

This program is designed especially for pregnant women. The yoga postures are carefully put together and safe for all stages of pregnancy. If you have any concerns, it is best to speak to your GP or Health professional before starting the program.

What if I am suffering from sciatic pain, pelvic pain or carpel tunnel during my pregnancy?

This program is designed for pregnant women, and these kind of symptoms are common in pregnancy. This program offers modifications and alternative to suit the varying needs of pregnant women. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out so I can provide further assistance to you.

Do I need special yoga props?

Nope. Just a space you can practice yoga… a yoga mat will be useful, but anything else is optional! Some classes will offer suggestions of using a yoga strap or block. But they are optional 🙂

Are there ongoing payments?

Definitely not. This is a once of payment and the program is yours to access whenever you like.

Can I access the classes anywhere in the world?

Sure can. The classes are on an online platform that you can login to anytime, anywhere.

How is the program delivered?

The Program is held on an online Platform in the Members area which you gain access to. It gives you access to the content and videos for you to follow on your personal device – tablets, laptops, phones.


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