Yoga with Grace

Create space in your life for change

your yoga journey starts here

Silence the mind to hear the voice within

Have you always wanted to try yoga but are unsure where to begin?

Yoga offerings are everywhere and for new students, it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin – what style? What teacher? What best suits my needs?

Some of these questions may have crossed your mind.

The good news is that Grace has over 10 years of teaching experience and has helped answer these questions for so many who are new to the world of yoga.

build a stronger, more flexible body

reduce anxiety & discover inner joy

cultivate a calmer state of mind

Are you ready to create the space for change in your life & watch your life unfold?

Join the Yoga with Grace community and get access to my free library of e-books, yoga tips, giveaways and stay up to date with yoga events & classes


Grace is generous with her time, energy and spirit. I look forward to every Yoga With Grace class and come out of each one feeling renewed and grounded.

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