Grace achieves a good balance; with moments when I was pushed to my limits and more relaxing moments to let me recover. It says much about Grace's teaching style that not having done yoga before, I could follow her instructions without doubt and without really needing to look at her movements.  

For most exercises she gave us alternatives depending on how much we wanted to push ourselves. She went around correcting our posture to ensure we were correctly positioned. I highly recommend Grace's classes and I would be keen myself to be part of a regular yoga class.

I love Grace's yoga classes. She is a passionate and experienced instructor who caters for beginner to advanced level students. Grace shares her knowledge of yoga to help every participant get the most out of each class. Her hands on approach has helped me to improve my yoga practice and understanding and allowed me to reach more advanced poses. 

Nicole Roukens

Yoga with Grace is a dynamic and energetic class that leaves you feeling very relaxed and aligned. It is 90 minutes of pure bliss - pure ‘me’ time and it enables me to face the week ahead with a positive outlook.

Grace is a sensational teacher. She has in-depth knowledge of Ashtanga yoga, and this, coupled with her perceptiveness makes for an excellent yoga experience for beginners and experienced practitioners. I love the music that Grace plays during the classes. I have never experienced a yoga class with music before and I love it.

Jodie Springhall

I love Grace's vibrant, energetic teaching style and classes.

Grace’s prenatal yoga classes encouraged an increased awareness of the body and the child within. There was a focus on good posture, breathing and relaxation. The yoga poses aimed to ease aches and pains during both pregnancy and childbirth I found particularly helpful. The classes promoted a positive, natural experience and the atmosphere of support in the classes was very valuable.

Claire Schafer

Prenatal yoga has been an absolute highlight of my pregnancy.  I look forward to the classes every week. Spending that time to stretch and flex while contemplating the new life within is such a special experience.

Physically I believe these classes have helped immensely- I haven’t experienced any of the late pregnancy back troubles and still feel quite mobile.  As I head into the next stage of motherhood for a first time mum I am feeling calm and prepared for the labour journey knowing that I have been equipped with positions and breathing techniques to assist me and inner strength to deal with the unexpected.

Jo Poulter

Grace's pregnancy yoga classes have been an empowering and amazing experience for me and my bump.

As this is my third pregnancy, to be able to practice pregnancy yoga once again has been very special and important to me as this is the only real time I get to really think about my pregnancy, relax and enjoy this miraculous journey. The support not only from yourself as our instructor, and meeting other pregnant women on the same journey has been so valuable. The environment that you create is inspirational!

Rhiannon Lindsay

Pregnancy yoga with Grace is a perfect time for me to relax. The classes enable me to focus on breathing techniques and have taught me positions to assist with labour. Most of all, I have enjoyed connecting with my precious bub.

Johann Crisp

Grace has provided good guidance in teaching yoga to a beginner and now I feel much more confident and capable in the class.

I have improved my flexibility and core strength and have found a better overall feeling of fitness.

Rob Baily

Grace pushes me to achieve my potential but will always give me an alternative if I am struggling. I also really enjoy the breathing techniques that accompany the positions. This really helps me to stay relaxed and focused and I feel very energised after the class.

Grace's classes are not only beneficial to my physical health, but also my emotional and spiritual health.

Cheryl Morton

I enjoy the relaxing poses like dead bug and lotus flower and also the challenging poses like bridge and camel.  I love working as a team to create yoga sculptures and also creating my own sequences because I need to think about poses that will flow together.

Alexandra Ermilos

Grace invites and guides all levels of ability through a flowing class that grows in many ways from week to week.

Grace is generous with her time, energy and spirit. I look forward to every Yoga With Grace class and come out of each one feeling renewed and grounded.

Melissa Anderson