Cheryl Morton


The first time I attended a yoga class was at Grace’s general Vinyasa class. I had always been curious about yoga but I never really felt confident about going to classes until I moved to Hedland. Yoga was a lot more challenging than I thought. I really liked Grace’s style of teaching. She would check my positions and gently correct me if I wasn’t doing it right. Another great thing about Grace’s classes is that they are suitable for any level of yoga-beginners or advanced. Grace always pushes me to achieve my potential but will always give me an alternative if I am struggling. I also really enjoy the breathing techniques that accompany the positions. This really helps me to stay relaxed and focused and I feel very energised after the class. The class always ends with some quiet meditation and it’s great to dedicate some time to this as it can be difficult to find the time to meditate in our busy lives.

I have also attended Grace’s pre natal yoga classes and her yoga in the park for mums. The pre natal yoga was fantastic.  I used some of the yoga positions when I was in labour. It was also great to get to know other pregnant women too and share our pregnancy journey. Yoga in the park is so relaxing.  It’s great to be able to do yoga outside. The kids can come and play and we can really focus on yoga. It’s so important to keep yoga up after childbirth.

If you are considering trying yoga, I would highly recommend Grace’s classes. Whether you have been doing yoga for years or haven’t done any yoga at all, you will really get something out of Yoga with Grace. Not only are her classes beneficial to my physical health but also my emotional and spiritual health.

Cheryl Morton August 28, 2014