Today was a shit day

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There. I said it. So it’s a hair pulling day. Every moment of the day, one of my children at any given moment happens to need something. And when do they want it? NOW of course. It was a rough morning trying to get out of the house on time with sibling arguments, baby crying, kitchen absolute mess and everyone having meltdowns (that includes me). And so it happened that this set up the rest of my day to be absolute – well…. shit. I got talking to a mum briefly in the afternoon, who with the best intentions, offered … Read More

Our True Nature: Sat Chit Ananda

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Last month we finally finished exploring the 8 Limbs of Ashtanga yoga and we discovered that the purpose of yoga is Samadhi (pure consciousness).  We have talked about the aim of yoga is to discover our true nature.  To discover who we truly are.  When we are in this true state of pure consciousness, we say that we are in a state of yoga.  So the spiritual journey one takes up when they start yoga is all about finding out who you truly are. Yoga is a state.  It is not an activity.  We tend to think of ourselves as … Read More