I received this note from a student of mine…

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I received this heart-warming message by one of my yoga students who is now a yoga teacher and it prompted me to think of the role of the teacher… One of the greatest compliments you can get as a teacher is seeing your own students succeed and even excel you. In my teaching vocation, I have had past students come up to me and tell me how much I influenced their lives and how I instilled in them a love of learning that they didn’t have before. It has been the most heart-warming experience to have had now 25 year … Read More

Put your hands on me, yogi!

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I was updating my First Aid Training yesterday and when it was time to put people in the recovery position, you could see everyone feeling awkward about touching other people and moving their body in the correct position. I personally didn’t think twice about it as I’m so familiar with being adjusted in different yoga postures as well as touching my students and adjusting them. So the sense of touch is something I do with ease. As an Ashtangi, touch is part and parcel of the practice. If you want to progress, be prepared to have your teacher shift and … Read More

Who is your Guru?

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In the month of July, it is tradition to acknowledge our gurus.  The word ‘guru’ is the Sanskrit term for “teacher”.  ‘Gu’ means darkness, ignorance, that which obscures beauty and truth.  ‘Ru’ means ‘that which removes’.  So guru is interpreted as one who removes ignorance or darkness.   In the West, the concept of guru can seem mysterious and difficult to accept.  You may be asking, “How do I find my guru?”.  A guru is a teacher who imparts insights and revelations to you about Yoga.  A guru may also help one to come to know truth.  We are each other’s … Read More