Obstacles to Happiness: The Kleshas – What is causing you suffering?

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We all want to be happy! So what is it that prevents us from existing in a state of happiness? Patanjali says it is because of our ‘Kleshas’ (translated in Sanskrit as ‘poisons’) which are basically our obstacles to happiness. Patanjali describes 5 Kleshas: Avidya (ignorance) Asmita (Egoism) Raga (excessive attachment) Dvesa (excessive aversion) Abhinivesha (fear of death) Last month I talked about the root cause of all the kleshas: Avidya (ignorance of our own nature). Let’s explore the remaining four kleshas that Patanjali asks us to be aware of. Asmita Asmita quite simply is Egoism or “I-am-ness”. It is … Read More