The Eighth Limb of Patanjali’s Eight Fold Path: Samadhi (absolute consciousness)

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Last month, we covered the seventh limb of Ashtanga yoga – Dhyana (meditation).  All previous posts can be found on the YWG GRACE-MAIL archives.  Now we are going to explore the eighth and final limb:  Samadhi (absolute consciousness).  Just a reminder that the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Eight Fold Path are: Yama (restraint) Niyama (observances) Asana (posture) Pranayama (breath control) Pratyahara (controlling the senses) Dharana (concentration) Dhyana (meditation) Samadhi (absolute consciousness)  This month’s focus: SAMADHI If you walked the streets and asked people what they think the purpose of yoga would be, many would suggest that yoga is about flexibility, … Read More