Saving Lives is Sexy

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Ever wondered why fire fighters, paramedics and police officers are so often used as sex icons? What is it that they all have in common? Other than the fact they all wear a uniform (which is often portrayed as sexy), they all have the ability to save lives. Saving lives is something extraordinary. Fire fighters, paramedics and police officers have the ability to do something that ordinary people cannot usually do themselves. They are able to take someone from their suffering or near-death experience and save them; giving them a second chance at life. Saving lives is sexy. And being … Read More

The Gunas & Liberation

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In yoga philosophy, there are said to be three primary qualities found in nature. These three qualities are called ‘gunas’. So basically all aspects of material reality can be made up of the gunas. The three gunas are: Tamas – state of inertia and inactivity (night earth, sleep). Rajas – state of energy, action, change and movement (bush fires, cyclones, floods) Sattva – state of harmony and balance (space) Sattva sure sounds like the best state to be in out of the three as it is described to be balanced, light, good, tranquil and pure.   And who doesn’t want to … Read More

Yoga: A Spiritual Practice – Part I

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Today, in our modern Western culture, yoga is everywhere! The term conjures varying images in people’s minds; some think of isolated bearded “gurus” sitting in the famous lotus pose (cross-legged with feet drawn in to rest against the top of the thighs), somewhat unaffected by reality, while others often associate yoga with matters relating to health, longevity and fitness.  Due to yoga classes being offered so freely in the West, it has somewhat become commoditised and lost its true meaning. It is difficult to neatly define yoga within the boundaries of traditional Western maxims.  In the West, many view yoga … Read More