Today’s yoga class left me feeling angry and frustrated

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That’s so not yogi is it? To be angry after a yoga class is almost criminal! Usually I’d feel refreshed and revitalised after a yoga class. Not this time. Since moving to Melbourne, I’m trying to find a regular yoga class where I can practice away from home and the kids. I have been yoga class shopping for something local and I am blown away at how difficult it is to find a yoga class that I actually love. Most classes these days can resemble very little of the yogic tradition. This particular yoga class lacked any sort of spirituality … Read More

Who is your Guru?

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In the month of July, it is tradition to acknowledge our gurus.  The word ‘guru’ is the Sanskrit term for “teacher”.  ‘Gu’ means darkness, ignorance, that which obscures beauty and truth.  ‘Ru’ means ‘that which removes’.  So guru is interpreted as one who removes ignorance or darkness.   In the West, the concept of guru can seem mysterious and difficult to accept.  You may be asking, “How do I find my guru?”.  A guru is a teacher who imparts insights and revelations to you about Yoga.  A guru may also help one to come to know truth.  We are each other’s … Read More