Yoga With Grace for Kids

The“Yoga With Grace for Kids” classes are “funtastic” sessions for children and young people between the ages of 4 and 12. We challenge the kids through a range of age-appropriate yoga activities that enhances their imagination in a non-competitive and supportive environment.

We teach postures that draw on nature and animals and through this, the children learn about themselves as individuals and their connection with the wider world and their natural environment. Yoga enhances self-awareness, promotes self-discipline and helps children to become more flexible and coordinated. Children who practice yoga learn to tune into their bodies and minds more acutely.

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In recent years Yoga With Grace for Kids has run sessions for many local primary and childcare facilities in Port Hedland. So if you would like to arrange a one-off Yoga With Grace for Kids session in your school, church or child care facility please get in touch using our contact form.

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