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Come along and join our regular vinyasa classes. Women, men, teens, pregnant mums – you’re all welcome and you can be sure to have a great experience and new friendships at Yoga With Grace.

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Vinyasa means synchronized breath and movement. Vinyasa yoga works to create heat in the body which causes you to perspire (sweat) and release toxins from your body as a means of purification.

The Vinyasa classes that we run at Yoga With Grace have an Ashtanga yoga influence and focus on a flowing sequence of asanas (postures) using ujjayi breath. Particular attention is given to correct alignment and technique, and Grace’s teaching style is very hands-on, providing adjustments and assistance to each participant to ensure correct positioning of the body.

At Yoga With Grace, our Vinyasa classes combine asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga philosophy, meditation and relaxation to provide you with an exceptional all-round yoga experience.

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