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Yoga provides benefits for both mind and body. It relieves stress, clears the mind, and also aids in relieving conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue. So come along with your new gift 🙂 and join us at Yoga With Grace!

For new mums, yoga helps build the strength and flexibility necessary for nursing, cradling, and carrying your newborn. Yoga helps improve posture and enhances stamina. Practicing yoga postpartum also helps build your confidence and a strong healthy body. The mums and bubs classes at Yoga With Grace pay special attention to strengthening muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor, regaining strength while bonding with baby.

For new born bubs, yoga is a great way to spend quality time and bond with mum.   There are no expectations for your baby to behave a certain way during the class. Some babies, sleep, feed or need a nappy change so mums feel free to do this as you need. Bubs really enjoy engaging in postures with mum and singing nursery rhymes with coordinated movements. Mums and Bubs yoga helps to improve your baby’s digestion, assist with sleep-wake cycles, develop co-ordination, motor skills and muscle tone.

Mums and Bubs yoga is suitable for babies aged from 6 weeks (after you are given the all clear from your GP) to about 8 months or so (or just as they begin to crawl).

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