Do we innately desire new life?

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Time is an interesting concept. We tend to see time as something that is linear. With a beginning and an end. But is this really true? Or is time an illusion that keeps us shackled to the thought that our days are numbered? We may have days on planet earth that are numbered… but what happens to the soul? Did we exist before this physical life? Will our soul continue on after the passing of our physical body? Where will it go? Is our age an illusion? These are deep and thought provoking questions. Ones that most of us grapple … Read More

Can you find stillness amidst the chaos?

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It is so easy to get caught up in the dramas of life. We hear a story, a news report, a piece of gossip and we get so involved in it. We share it. Talk about it. Think constantly about it. It could also disturb us. Make us angry or make us cry. Some thoughts are so hard to shake and they stay with us for our entire life time! Usually these thoughts are around hurt, regret or sadness/loss. Yoga is defined at the beginning of the yoga sutras as as the calming of the fluctuations of the mind. And … Read More

Today’s yoga class left me feeling angry and frustrated

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That’s so not yogi is it? To be angry after a yoga class is almost criminal! Usually I’d feel refreshed and revitalised after a yoga class. Not this time. Since moving to Melbourne, I’m trying to find a regular yoga class where I can practice away from home and the kids. I have been yoga class shopping for something local and I am blown away at how difficult it is to find a yoga class that I actually love. Most classes these days can resemble very little of the yogic tradition. This particular yoga class lacked any sort of spirituality … Read More

I thought my house was clean until I did a downward dog

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Practicing yoga at home with 3 young children, you just have to make it happen somehow. Somewhere. This particular time I had vacuumed and mopped the house and I was feeling so clean and fresh. With a few minutes spare, I got into a downward dog in the kitchen. Yoga gets you up close and personal to areas you may not usually pay close attention to, like your toe nails for example or unshaven legs 😀 But this time, it was the fridge. Yes the fridge. In my blissful downward dog, my drishti (concentrated eye gaze) led me to concentrate … Read More

I don’t think you’re ready for this belly

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I used to shy away from my little pot belly. No matter how fit, slim and trim I have been, I always had a little belly pop out. I used to hate it and always tried to hide it. But something has changed within me over the last few years. The last 4 years I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding. I’ve had 3 children in 3 years and my body shifted from fit and strong to the size of a whale and I felt heavy and weak. My belly has had a workout in the process of pregnancy, labour … Read More

Saving Lives is Sexy

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Ever wondered why fire fighters, paramedics and police officers are so often used as sex icons? What is it that they all have in common? Other than the fact they all wear a uniform (which is often portrayed as sexy), they all have the ability to save lives. Saving lives is something extraordinary. Fire fighters, paramedics and police officers have the ability to do something that ordinary people cannot usually do themselves. They are able to take someone from their suffering or near-death experience and save them; giving them a second chance at life. Saving lives is sexy. And being … Read More

Put your hands on me, yogi!

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I was updating my First Aid Training yesterday and when it was time to put people in the recovery position, you could see everyone feeling awkward about touching other people and moving their body in the correct position. I personally didn’t think twice about it as I’m so familiar with being adjusted in different yoga postures as well as touching my students and adjusting them. So the sense of touch is something I do with ease. As an Ashtangi, touch is part and parcel of the practice. If you want to progress, be prepared to have your teacher shift and … Read More

Today was a shit day

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There. I said it. So it’s a hair pulling day. Every moment of the day, one of my children at any given moment happens to need something. And when do they want it? NOW of course. It was a rough morning trying to get out of the house on time with sibling arguments, baby crying, kitchen absolute mess and everyone having meltdowns (that includes me). And so it happened that this set up the rest of my day to be absolute – well…. shit. I got talking to a mum briefly in the afternoon, who with the best intentions, offered … Read More

It will Get Better by Itself

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My son fell over a couple days ago and stubbed his toe and grazed his arm. Between tears I offered a band-aid to “make it better” which is usually a winner. But this time, he said to me “no it’ll get better by itself”. I was quite surprised to hear him say this (as band-aids usually fix everything), but I was pleased. We are so quick to think we need to “do something” to fix things immediately when we hurt ourselves or when something goes wrong. That seems to be our natural response – quick – what can we do … Read More